Business In Your Pocket

We believe business owners are smart, demanding and always looking to climb higher, which is why they need instant updates everywhere! Our mobility features let them view sales and performance data in real time, they can even let customers sign-in to place orders!
mobile reports

Things you can do on your phone

  • Look at total sales for all branches anytime, anywhere
  • Always know best selling items, and whether stock balance is enough
  • Compare last 7 days, see achievement % for same day of last week
  • Restaurants can check sales by hours (breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper)
  • Restaurants able to see how much is still dining in shop
  • Every branch can use these info to compete with each other
  • Simple and no apps installation needed
mobile reports
mobile reports
mobile reports

B2B ordering can be fast and easy, here's how:

  1. Your resellers or branches need to order products
  2. They can login to your web site using a phone
  3. Product catalog is generated automatically from backend software
  4. They add products to basket, and submit order
  5. Your office will receive the sales order for processing
  6. Entire order process is done without apps, paper, calls or messaging!
b2b ordering