Payment & ID

Payment & ID

Technology can enrich people lives when they are easy to use, we carefully integrated convenient features that saves time and improves security, giving peace of mind on customer payments and user identification
credit card terminal

Credit Cards Linking

Using credit cards at cashier counter should be fast, convenient and hassle free, Flexilite POS completes a customer payment in under 10 seconds:

1. Click Payment button in POS
2. Choose payment by Credit Card
3. Insert/Tap Credit Card
4. PIN Entry if needed
5. Approval

and the bill is then settled automatically, since most terminals had NFC/MST, Samsung Pay works here too!

fingerprint reader

Fingerprint Reader

Fingerprint is our best password, it is unique, always with us and no exact alike anywhere else.

By simple resting your finger on the sensor, it can be used for signing in to Flexilite POS or its Time Attendance system.

A fingerprint also replaces password or swipe cards for permission authorization, giving a convenient and secure experience.

mykad reader

MyKad Reader Support

Registration of new members at POS cashier counter can be so much faster without having to keyin names and addresses, Flexilite can accurately read these information from customers' MyKad (Malaysian ID card) with a single click of button.

This method is secure and very useful especially in busy stores where business owners want to quickly sign up their customers without interrupting retail operations.

alipay wallet


More retailers are embracing the use of electronic wallets and it is beginning to gain popularity, mainly led and inspired by China, cashless society is no longer a thing of future, it is fast, secure and convenient.

With our system being certified to support popular electronic wallets, terminal can automatically detect which wallet is in use, such as Touch & Go, Boost, QRPay, WeChat Pay, Alipay etc, business owners are able to ensure their retail counters can cater to this trending need, and they get all transaction details in a single report for easiest reconciliation.