Retail Management

Retail Management with POS

Flexilite Retail Management Software is designed to help improve retail efficiency, staff will have more time with customers, and less time behind counters. This ensures smoother daily operation, as well as greater customer satisfaction.

Multi Industry

We combined knowledges from many industries into this single software, so whether you are running a grocery store, pharmacy, supermarket, restaurant, wholesale, distributor or even servicing, this system can be quickly configured with suitable industry related functions.  [Read more...]

Easy Inventory

Flexilite helps to calculate stock correctly under many situations, such as hampers, packing and packages, parent & child, assembly production, meal combos, ingredients, colors and sizes, even serial numbers, it's automatic so users can focus more on important operations. [Read more...]

retail promotion

Easy Promotion

Retail offers usually comes in Buy 1 Free 1, PWP, 5 for $10, Happy Hours, Weekend Sale, Member Discounts, VIP Pricing, Ad-hoc Discounts etc, can be preset into POS, no manual calculation needed at cashier.

retail membership


Register new member on-the-spot, give member points for redemption, capture member sales history for reference, run member promotions with SMS and special price, all are done easily with only a few steps.

retail incentives

Staff Incentives

Record sales staff into customer bills, so they get commission on either products, total sales or performance, and by using staff purchase feature, they get special rates while buying own products too.

retail reports

Useful Reports

Check business performance, and decide strategies by using various reports, including Hourly Sales, Category Sales, Item Sales, Average Customer Spending, Top Products, Top Customers, Fast/Slow Movements, Procurement Planning and more.