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Our company overview

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Flexsoft was founded in 1998 and is recognized as one of the most sought-after retail system solutions providers in Malaysia and beyond. Our passion for the software and IT ecosystem does not stop us from venturing into this uncommon field back in the 90s, helping retailers thrive in the competitive business realm. Over the last 2 decades, our firm has quickly grown from a software company and has now evolved into a retail system solutions provider and retail management consultant.

Flexsoft’s DNA has always focused on helping retailers run better businesses. We listen attentively to one’s needs before integrating our industry-leading retail management system into one’s operation. Whether it is a brick-and-mortar, an online retailer, or both, we ensure businesses gain control of their own business systems via our decades-long expertise in POS automation, strategic management and warehouse backend in the face of rising customer expectations. 

No matter the size or sector, Flexsoft is experienced in providing tailored retail management software with the technology of tomorrow for SMEs, F&B, Service Providers, Wholesalers, Distributors, Logistic and other start-ups or sectors of any kind. Rest assured that we are continuously evolving to meet the marketplace needs, so more retail businesses are set for business growth.


We aim to be recognised as the leading business management software company that enriches business owners’ daily operations. 


To enhance the growth of our customers who are from various business industries with innovative & reliable solutions that are practical and functional. 

To deliver high-quality & holistic business management software solutions that allow humans & technology to work seamlessly together.

Core Values

Customer First

Always prioritize helping our customers in solving their problem. Building long-term relationships with our customers is the key to customer retention 

You Can Always Do Better

Pursue continuous personal growth and always be prepared for new challenges. Improve 1% everyday from who we were yesterday.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

We can go far beyond our limits when we work together as a team. No problem is too big for a team to handle.

Embrace Tradition & Innovation

Tradition without innovation can feel stagnant and unmotivated. Innovation without tradition can feel overwhelming and unrealistic. Dare to be creative by discovering new ways to grow the company, but never forget where we came from. 

Passion In All We Do

Having passion is the greatest motivation. Always have passion in everything we do and be energetic always.

A visual timeline of flexsoft

Our milestones and accomplishments illustrate our company’s journey – from a basic software company to a cross-border solution provider in the retail system ecosystem.

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