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Accounting & Finance

The accounting add-on is created for the convenience of finance data processing, with usual features that include handling of debtors, creditors and general ledgers, and helps to consolidate numbers from sales and stock values into financial reports. This segment greatly streamlines mundane processes and saves valuable time.


Accounting System

Keep all things financial in one place for convenient access. Rather than utilising third-party accounting software, you can maximise your savings potential with a built-in accounting module. In addition, you can expect an increase in business' financial visibility thanks to the seamless user experience of this feature. And with that, you will have less worries about back office money matters and more time to focus on your business.

System Automation

Automation simplifies back office operations more than you think. Automating routine tasks such as business transactions, payments, and cash management can be done in just a few clicks, saving time and effort. Moreover, it eliminated manual business data entry as well as the prevention of possible human errors. Without a doubt, the efficiency and productivity of the finance department will rise throughout the business operation.

Data Reporting Tools

Data reporting tools offer a modern yet easy-to-navigate reporting style to simplify the viewing of complex financial data. With robust financial reporting at hand, you will hold more control over projects and financial risks. Rest assured that this single financial data source is easy to navigate, bringing you practical comparison layouts to showcase an efficient overview of profits, historical performance, benchmarking, and other value-related sections.

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