Advanced Data
Exchange System

Advanced Data Exchange System

The system’s advanced data processing engine is so powerful that it allows each company to use it differently according to document processing needs, Common examples are on flexible SKU/prices syncing criteria, or sending various types of transaction documents across different locations. It can even be used to automatically perform given tasks at scheduled timing


Flexible Data Synchronization

Experience a near real-time sync and updates of master information from HQ backend to all frontlines with a flexible data synchronization feature. This responsive feature is fully integrated with the necessary system and promptly consolidates sales data from all sales channels into the centralized HQ backend, including both online and offline orders. Furthermore, the synchronization system supports conditional sending of user-specific data only by specifying filters and criteria, such as only selected pricing or promotions to be updated to selected outlets.

Transaction and Document Conversion

With this feature, pre-set and automatically converting any transaction documents can greatly minimize manual work. Apart from that, the transaction and document conversion feature also promotes time-saving and data accuracy. For instance, automatic generation of documents can range from purchase order into goods receiving, goods return into sales return, stock request into the stock transfer, quotation into a sales order, delivery order into Goods Received Note (GRN), auto returns, billings or adjustment, for oversupply or short-supply, and more.

Scheduled Business Tasks

You can expect a simplified operation with the help of a schedule when it comes to a myriad of business tasks within a company. This feature supports the ability to pre-set operational tasks to run at specific schedules. Without the need to manually command, you can ensure tasks such as periodic stock reconciliations, intercompany billing and receiving, online orders downloading, procurement expiration, and more kickstart at a specific time.

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