If you wait until Covid-19 is over…

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If you wait until Covid-19 is over… So the Covid-19 lock-down just passed and your business finally reopens, what are the things you want to do urgently? It could be all about cash flow, some people is thinking hard to get back as many sales as possible, while some will be busy chasing business debts […]

How system helps during slow economy

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Yes, we are talking about retail management system, or commonly referred as POS. Most retailers and restaurants are complaining about slow economy now, since the environment not going to improve too soon, the main strategy is for companies to survive, improve sales performance, and increase efficiency. The last thing directors or managers want are interruptions […]

The right software cares about your family

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Being the right software for growing everyone’s small business, is a tall order and has always been our vision. Building a profitable business that works without owner working full-time requires correct business model. More importantly, a retail management software that does the right thing so owners can focus on important things in life – family. Traditionally, […]

How software piracy will harm business users?

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We heard enough theories about how software piracy will negatively affect users, such as risk of malicious infection, heavy penalties and more. Little does actual users able to imagine on the long term impact, though. After-Sale-Service is part of important “feature” Some computer users may claim they get the same features as genuine software minus the license, which […]

Increase retail sales during bad economy

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Whilst most people thinks economy dictates their business performance, we still see many businesses continue to thrive during bad times. Sales can still increase during bad economy, provided retailers do things with the right knowledge and business strategies. There are some practical ways to improve and maintain your business, and they certainly does not look like […]

Selling: Circle Of Needs

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Selling is perhaps the most popular job scope on earth, regardless of occupation whether it’s getting people to buy your stuff (selling products), buy your thoughts (selling ideas) or even being a celebrity (selling image), it is everywhere. It’s about seller needs versus customer needs When people sell things for a living, it essentially became a need which makes […]

Actually, not all POS systems are the same

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Picking the right POS Choosing a POS software for your business is like picking a personal assistant. It is not easy to know their potentials, and it will be painful to change one later. Therefore it is extremely important to discover as much as possible during the early buying process. Common challenges for buyers when shopping for a suitable […]

eWallets should be universal

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As a popular POS system provider, we received many inquiries about integration with eWallets, with each of them limited to own group of merchants. While most of them has ambitious plans to grow merchants base, they did not take off after a long period of time. We think the better direction would be to build a nationwide universal platform (seriously), instead of […]

Software Design is about observation

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Technology works best when it becomes invisible, this is especially true to software, where good design will assist users in many ways, letting users to stay productive and focus on what they do more efficiently. When we design our business applications, we have to observe people, to understand what they trying to do, what goes in […]