Backend Operations
and Warehousing

Backend Operations and Warehousing

Stock balances, movements, adjustments, on-demand checks as well as comprehensive Unit of Measure (UOM) and materials handling, are all important segments of the inbuilt inventory control system. The right relationship together with SKU management, merchandising, billing and purchasing are the keys to drive multiple industries forward with clean and clear directions


Billing and Procurement

Take the complexity out of billing and procurement with our backend operations and warehousing solution. Minimise the supply chain’s data entry effort when it comes to ordering, delivering, and all the way to invoicing. Take the hassle out of the process of converting sales quotations and other documents and let automation fulfil your needs in suggestive reordering, purchase orders as well as goods receiving. Make better decisions with the help of suggestive features and save time. Moreover, it ensures your team will get complete control over every purchase, thus reducing wastage and human errors.

Supply and Distribution

Fulfil orders efficiently and keep track of the goods movement between central warehouses and retail branches with supply and distribution features. Take advantage of this feature that helps handle stock requests and transfers within internal chains much easier. In addition, you can access information such as purchase orders and invoices in real time. Make the most out of the android mobile scanning device with AI reordering and forecasting demand which reduces wastage. Accelerate order delivery by automatically generating pick sheets, scheduling orders and kickstarting the shipping process all from one platform.

Integration with Warehouse Management

This feature allows you to access the industry-leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) software that satisfies various warehousing needs of different enterprise sizes. Apart from tracking inventory from multiple locations with rack and zone, it supports a diverse collection of standard warehouse storage procedures; for instance, ASN, kitting, product tracking, picking and packing, location recommendations, RFID barcode scanning and more.

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