Backend Management

Operations Department

This department is a busy area where users maintain product information, preset promotions, view important reports, stock transfers, purchasing from suppliers, issue quotations or invoices, and many more functions to assist in business operation.

Important day-to-day tasks

Managers here can be really busy everyday, but with system's help, they can quickly achieve things like:

  1. Analyze stock performance (what is selling well, and what’s sitting, unwanted, on the shelves?)
  2. Compare supplier costs, and use this data to negotiate for better pricing
  3. Plan for promotions and schedule them to take effect automatically
  4. Routine checks such as staff attendance, stock expiry dates, replenishment requests, balance monitoring and more
product management

Product Control

Manage all products including barcodes, multiple pricing levels, photos, categories, FIFO/average costing, GST, stock quantities, packing, colors & sizes, promotion, expiry date and more, user can even assign set meals and printer groups for restaurants.

reports management

Reports Center

A central place to view many detailed reports from sales, collection, profit, auditing, commission, inventory, time attendance and more, for both retail and F&B groups.

purchasing management


From purchase order till goods receiving, it helps to save time by linking different processes so users only have to enter data once, it also has cost warning, history checking and procurement features, where items reaching minimum quantities can be automatically generated into purchase orders.

stock management

Stock Movement

Business features such as sales invoices, stock transfers, adjustments, stock checks, multiple branches, multiple users, and even handheld devices support, inventory can be maintained accurately with ease.

user management

User Control

All user accounts are password protected, has support for swipe cards and can define access by functions, so users can only use authorized sections, users can also be grouped by roles for easy understanding and maintenance.

backup management

Auto Backup

Flexilite system automatically protects your data by sending backups to cloud or external disks, this will ensure safety and easier recovery in case of hardware failures, and users can set backup intervals from hourly up to daily for maximum peace of mind.