AI and chatbots: Driving the future of IT service management

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AI is an evolving technology that is gaining mainstream attention by technologists and analysts on how it is shaping up to enhance more services in the future. The IT Industry Council indicated guidelines on how to secure the use of Artificial Intelligence, as it encouraged the participation of the public and the private sector to […]

Stock check, stay productive on mobile

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Like many modern businesses, we are embracing mobility into our POS business applications. We don’t just “port” our Windows version into mobile devices, it’s how we improve the way people work that matters. Our programming team have been successful in bringing the “Live Stock Check”, running on Honeywell handheld devices to retailers. Businesses need not stop during […]

Our Dream and Vision

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Our Initial Dream It is not technology that changed the world, but the dreams behind technology do. 15 years ago, our founders had the vision to bring retail management software to the masses, and use built-in analytical reports and features to help smaller businesses grow. We knew it will be beneficial to both business owners […]