New Ways To Protect Your Business

Combining POS, CCTV Cameras and video recorders into a single system, this advanced technology provides more details of each sale. Users can recall recorded videos fast and accurate by specifying bill numbers or even by products, all done with Flexilite's easy-to-learn interface.
cctv text overlay

Text Overlay

Displays onscreen floating text into recorded videos, this helps to handle customer disputes and also becomes effective audit trails or incident evidence. It captures user actions and sales events in real time, and saves them for references.

cctv cameras

Multiple Cameras

When the need arises, users can choose to recall particular camera footages of cashier counter, or to view from more angles by selecting multiple cameras of same transaction time.

cctv playback

Recall and Playback

Saved videos are accessible from Flexilite Backend software without touching the recorder device, users recall a transaction with a few clicks and conveniently playback the matching videos. 

POS & CCTV Recording

Recall Videos In Backend