Companies selling software as products, are they still relevant?

We are talking about business software here, how likely your ambitious, growing company can just acquire a software and operate the business, just like that?

Chances are, not only you need usage guidance, what you also want is about advices and services to help achieving great results. So, it is never just about selling and buying of business software, if someone is still advertising and selling them as a product, (seen those ads about accounting software? F&B/Retail POS system?) Well, they are getting obsolete, don’t look at that direction else you will also be.

Software and training package alone, will NOT help your business much.


Your business needs practical and tailored solutions, nobody is the same. Hence, solution providers are the correct people to look for, these guys listen to your requirements and challenges, offer suggestions of better practices, and tells you how to make them happen. They charge you for these services, with software just being a tool in process, or a part of package (or sometimes given for FREE). And of course, they MUST have tens of years of establishment and experience, you won’t want to waste time on any Tom, Dick and Harry with no proven backgrounds.

Pricing too, is a factor and indication of quality levels. Your business is like your baby, since you never feed them super cheap milk powders, don’t skimp on services that determine business growth, compromise is NOT right.

The next time your business needs better computerization and automation, look for experienced end-to-end solution providers, not just normal sellers claiming low prices with superior quality, these two things never match.

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