Online sales channels are now an integral part of retail business, and become increasingly important for retailers to reach out, hence integration of POS/ERP with online channels is crucial for business owners to gain and maintain competitive advantage.


Marketplace Integration

Seamlessly integrates your Point of Sale to your physical and online stores, such as popular online marketplaces or renowned E-commerce websites. Imagine you now can sell to customers in-store and online simultaneously without having to manage both individually. This unified multi channel selling platform helps sync orders in real-time across all online and offline sales platforms, delivering a much-improved management process. This omnichannel process model not only automatically communicates order, inventory, and shipping info, the real-time flow of data eliminates manual data entry, thus reducing human errors and man-hours in handling orders.

Online-merge-offline (OMO)

The OMO feature bridges the gap between online and offline stores experience, bringing a top-notch omnichannel experience that tops customer expectations. This one-stop shopping experience helps to ensure long-term customer loyalty and interaction. In addition, you get to gather and access customer behaviour footprints. With this valuable data, your marketing team will be able to analyse and formulate more efficient marketing strategies in the coming future. Furthermore, a buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) is included in this OMO feature, whereby customers can pick up in your physical store after checking out from your online store. Flexible promotions mechanism in this unified ecosystem allows either cross-selling or exclusive promotions between online and offline as well.

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