Easy Inventory

inventory package

Packages & Combos

A set of items can be combined into a single pack, with a new price regardless of the total value inside. When a customer buys a hamper or promotion pack, our POS automatically refers to the list, and deducts inventory according to used quantities.

Same concept is also applied to restaurants, where a set meal typically includes a main course, appetizer and beverage. It also pops up to allow choosing food and beverage options such as drinks upgrade, or appetizer selection.

inventory matrix

Colors and Sizes

When Flexilite is configured to run in boutiques, the POS will detect products with special barcode (i.e matrix code), then automatically sells and deducts the correct variation. However when no barcode is available for scanning, it will ask cashiers to pick the right combination of colors and sizes, Flexilite POS supports unlimited number of colors and sizes.

This method really helps in reducing number of stock codes, where the traditional POS needs one stock code for each color-&-size combination.

inventory matrix

Serial Numbers

We recognize and understand that certain industries can never manage inventory without serial numbers, not only it acts as unique way to identify stock keeping units, it also inspires convenient applications including goods warranty claims as well as drugs expiry tracking.

When enabled, Flexilite tracks and controls serial number movement of each stock item from the beginning of goods receiving, until it reaches consumer through sales and also on warranty identification in future.

inventory pharmacy

Parent & Child System

Perhaps the most popular Flexilite feature used by pharmacies, it is the automated conversion system between different packing that works like the following:

  1. Tablets in loose strip (10's) packing has stock balance of 1
  2. Strips in box packing (10's) has stock balance of 3
  3. Customer buys 2 strips, POS detects insufficient balance of loose strips
  4. POS will automatically open a box to take 1 strip from it
  5. Balance after sales will become 2 boxes and 9 strips

This same powerful feature can also be used in other business types such as supermarkets or stationery shops.

inventory ingredients


Accurate calculation of recipes and raw materials, has been the challenge of many restaurants. We took our inventory design from retail POS into this industry, and the results are encouraging.

As usual using our Backend, users must design and define list of materials in "countable form", and POS will consume them accordingly during orders, using Nasi Lemak for example:

  • 1 [bowl] of rice
  • 1 [pack] of pre-packed peanuts, anchovies and cucumber slices
  • 1 [piece] of chicken drumstick
  • 1 [pack] of pre-packed sambal chilies