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POS + eCommerce solves salespeople problems

Sales Order process means a lot to salespeople

If your traditional wholesale business has a lot of products, your sales team may suffer from the following problems:

  1. Your salespeople makes a lot of calls to office on product price checking, in fact spending too much time on it due to not having instant & complete information on the go, and impacts their sales performance negatively.
  2. Billing department face challenges to process handwritten orders, inconsistent or unclear handwriting can create chances of mistakes. Wrong orders or customer returns waste valuable resources in the process.
  3. Whenever mistakes arise in manual ordering process, there is no proper tracking of responsibility. It also creates negative emotions at work on inefficiency.


A POS system which handles wholesale supply often solves these problems to a certain degree. We can take it further by using our eCommerce integration, it enables salespeople to carry more information on mobile devices and since it uses a website, checking and ordering is a breeze on almost all smartphones and tablets.