How software piracy will harm business users?

We heard enough theories about how software piracy will negatively affect users, such as risk of malicious infection, heavy penalties and more. Little does actual users able to imagine on the long term impact, though.


After-Sale-Service is part of important \”feature\”

Some computer users may claim they get the same features as genuine software minus the license, which may be true if you are not using it for serious business. One area many overlooked is on the professional technical assistance, which should be part of the important \”feature\” too.

It is about Total Ownership Experience

Most business software comes with professional training and support services, which is what company users needed to efficiently improve their business operation, as it involves not only guidelines to use a system but also serious advices to how users should maximize their investments. These will only come with genuine license purchased from legitimate software companies (not everyone claiming to be resellers or agents is valid), and the best way to verify for license validity is to look for dongles (refer photo below) or check the serial number with main software developer.


Improper services can compromise a business

Genuine business software comes with real competent services which guide users in managing their Merchandising, Procurement, Promotions and more. Many businesses cannot operate properly without these guidelines and advices and will lose competitive opportunities in the long run.

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