How to change GST tax rate from 6% to 0% in Flexilite

Note: If you are an existing Flexilite user and are paying for Software Maintenance Contract, kindly skip these steps and contact our office to register for software update service.

Else, to modify the tax rates, follow the quick steps below:

  1. Ensure all current transactions are correctly entered and posted **
  2. Before starting business on 1 June 2018 (or after business closing on 31 May 2018), login to Backend using admin level ID
  3. Navigate to Files > Card File > 4. Account > 4.5 Tax Codes
  4. The list contains various tax codes with their respective rates, change each of the values from 6 to 0
  5. Press the \”arrow down\” key on keyboard to go next line after each changes, also to automatically save it
  6. Finally click OK button when all rates has been changed to 0
  7. Restart Flexilite POS and Backend for changes to take effect



** After 31 May 2018, backdated transactions are only supported with new version update to companies under Software Maintenance Contract.


The steps above will automatically set GST to 0 in all transactions, including Cash Sales, Invoices and Purchases. For users who also wish to deduct 6% from their products retail price, the steps are as follows:

  1. Login to Backend using admin level ID
  2. Navigate to Files > Product, then search for desired product to be edited
  3. Click on the price amount under Price Structure section, type in the new price after 6% manual deduction and rounding
  4. Press the \”arrow down\” key on keyboard to go next line to save changes, or click the Tick button at bottom of screen
  5. Repeat the steps for each product pricing to be changed

For users who has large number of products, and wish to deduct 6% from all product prices at once, kindly contact our office to request for one-time data services (charges applicable, prepayment and first-come-first-served basis).




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