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If you wait until Covid-19 is over…

If you wait until Covid-19 is over…

So the Covid-19 lock-down just passed and your business finally reopens, what are the things you want to do urgently? It could be all about cash flow, some people is thinking hard to get back as many sales as possible, while some will be busy chasing business debts from customers, everyone is about surviving this period.

Besides that, for any plans you may have earlier, should you put them on hold while busy recovering business? Well, not necessarily.

First of all, your goal now is to get business back as soon as possible, hence you will need all the helps available, so if those plans can give a boost and don’t cost too much, why wait?


Secondly, what time is better than now, when all your competitors are weak? Think about it, you may never get such golden opportunity again! Not all important plans can wait for situations to get better, as “hope” is not a strategy, and what if the day never comes? Many things will only work if you take actions first, and fast.

What people do

Let me share with you a few examples, of what my clients are doing now, in fact they are actively using Retail Management System, and spending time on things like:

  • Products planning, sell popular items, clear slow stocks
  • Study customers list, how to bring them back
  • Analyze sales, monitor cash flow, and shorten recovery time
  • Promotion strategy, do better than competitors
  • Compare prices, save costing, increase profits
  • Links existing business to online shop

I believe you have heard about why a shop should have more bright lights open, especially when business is bad, and not the other way like saving electricity, makes sense? Because it means your path and direction must be maintained correctly, although some short term reactions look good but not necessarily helps to promote business.


In my examples, a suitable business system is an important part of company’s recovery roadmap, it lets you make MORE decisions in LESS time, and also makes your work smoother with MORE accuracy and LESS mistakes, even with some cost it will be well worth the investment. So if you already have plans earlier to review or improve business operation, now is still the good time to start.