The solution oriented business software not only takes care of operations, but also plays extremely important role in keeping the middle and top management informed of timely happenings and results, thus certain features are created to empower managers and owners with convenience to manage and monitor, before making fast and effective decisions


Staff Access Management

We are here to help you manage and simplify all areas of employees' operations effectively, and that includes staff access. Take control of staff purchase limits along with a comprehensive report whilst tracking staff purchasing discounts. With distinctive access and control to different groups based on classifiable user login accounts, you can expect efficient labour management through and through.

Analytics and Reports

Access to powerful reports that put business insights in the palm of your hand. Track your company’s business performance on a daily, weekly and monthly basis via a user-friendly dashboard with intuitive metrics. What’s more, all real-time and extensive reports can be viewed via smartphones when you are on the go. Various departments are able to take advantage of the business analytics and reporting too. Hence, they can make better and more strategic business actions with a one-stop analysis solution. Besides making better decisions with sales reports, this feature is incorporated with a built-in report editor tool for convenient data access within the Management Information Systems (MIS) department.

Business Intelligence

With a mobile device at hand, this feature allows you and the person in charge to access cloud-based Business Intelligence (BI) on-the-go as long as there is an internet connection. It will enable managers and business owners to assess business performance and have more in-depth insights in real-time with up-to-date analytics. Additionally, swift decisions can be based on actionable insights converted from the data report. As your business’ financial visibility increases along with growth monitoring, you can analyse profit and loss across all branches and outlet locations without hassle.

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