Multi Industry

retail multi industry


The system comes with many industry-specific features, covering pharmacy, supermarket, boutique, convenient store, hardware shop, frozen food, beauty salon, florist, nursery garden, optical eyecare, travel agent, wholesaler and even distributor. Its retail mode is functional yet simple to use, therefore customer waiting time is always minimal. 

restaurant multi industry


POS running in F&B mode runs fast, stable, and provides touchscreen functionality. Restaurant staff can quickly enter customer orders and send them into kitchen. It has full support for fast food operation, it can even go mobile by using tablets.

services multi industry


Service nature businesses like Car Wash, Massage Parlour, Printing Shop, Spa or even Courier company, needs to track their prepaid / subscription packages, such features and history tracking is important in service quality improvements.

Flexible Hardware

Flexilite supports popular hardware from normal PC to POS machines running Windows, and works with many USB devices such as receipt printers, barcode scanners etc, no need for special expensive equipments like some systems do.

User Friendly

Every business may want slightly different information on screen, for different needs and operations, Flexilite system's screen design is user-changeable so they have more suitable layout and buttons, it really speeds up work and learning.

Proven Reliable

We have sent tens of our POS system into durability test, and they are still running strong after some 380 hours of non-stop heavy transactions, with millions of stock item details!

Hybrid System

Flexilite POS easily handles mixing of business nature, such as organic retail shop + restaurant, fashion boutique + cafe, and it seamlessly switches between retail and f&b mode even on multiple computers.

Sales Linking

Since our system goes everywhere, we have designed and included feature to link with tenants system in shopping malls or even airports, giving retailers peace of mind wherever they expand.

Features Collection

Our 20 years of engagement with multiple industries has accumulated many features, that are both industry specific and yet widely used at the same time.