Selling: Circle Of Needs

Selling is perhaps the most popular job scope on earth, regardless of occupation whether it\’s getting people to buy your stuff (selling products), buy your thoughts (selling ideas) or even being a celebrity (selling image), it is everywhere.

It\’s about seller needs versus customer needs

When people sell things for a living, it essentially became a need which makes seller inevitably being hungry on potential buyers, and sometimes forgetting about customers\’ actual concerns.

To sell is the job of every seller, but buying is not always the job of target customer.

Selling should not ask for obligation to buy

A deal should only happen when a seller truly meets the need of buyer. This is an important fact to keep in mind especially for solution providers, where we don\’t push people to buy a POS software for the sake of meeting our sales targets, or if the software does not meet their special requirements.


Selling should never be intrusive

Many of us are approached by sales people in shopping places like malls or markets, but people did not like them and described some as \”harassments\”, mainly due to sellers being too pushy and interrupting, while ignoring buyer needs. This phenomenon is also a side-effect from many performance measurements which look at sales numbers but not quality, and this system goes from top to bottom levels making everyone in sales team overly aggressive.

Selling should be sincere and able to solve problems

We are in no position to comment about how other sellers solve buyer problems, but we can share our own approach to assure sales quality.

As a software solution provider (actually it can mean anyone selling anything as a solution), we always take the time to listen about target customers\’ needs, including their pains, concerns, wish lists as well as plans. Therefore we know if our software suits the particular retailer, or to decide if we should propose another direction.

We strongly believes if more and more people takes the sincere approach without desperate agenda, it will lead to more potential customers willing to spend time with sales person, and we may see less people with \”No Salesmen Allowed\” signs at entrance.

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