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NEW NORMAL is coming into our lives

NEW NORMAL is coming into our lives

The pandemic that cost us too much

In the very beginning very little people aware of seriousness of Covid19, where people just referred the disease as \”Wuhan virus\” which felt far away from many.

Then the outbreak happens around the world, and getting close contact with people turns into precaution. Most businesses have to close and even essential ones are very careful about \”social distancing\”. For eateries, delivery or pickup becomes the only option.

A new way of life

Various people and experts are already commenting on how our lives may change even after the outbreak ends. The so called \”New Normal\” where many people still worried about group dining or crowd shopping, changing the greeting gestures away from handshakes, and social distancing will be staying for quite a while.


I have been dealing with retailers for decades and I strongly felt your needs to properly handle challenges in this period. Our team is working hard now to offer a solution that enables retailers to serve neighborhood more effectively.

The system for community

Before or even after businesses are allowed to resume, we will be able to link your existing Flexsoft POS system to an online catalogue of your own, where customers from nearby community are able to order and pay through it, then pickup at convenience.

This small change works for all kinds of retail and restaurants in a neighborhood. No more conventional messy way of monitoring WhatsApp messages and bank transfers, customers never had to leave their cars too.

Stay tuned for our community edition, in the meantime just register your interest with us and you will be the first one to know when it arrives!