The Online Store

Yes, recent Covid19 pandemic stopped lots of people from living a normal life, with majority of businesses had to close as part of containment efforts. Thus, we are seeing spikes of retailers started selling online by using Facebook and WhatsApp, online store is the best choice given internet usage is at all time high especially during this worldwide stay-home period.

In the near future we will see lifestyle changes such as less people dining in, and shopping malls will never be crowded as before, public events to be real slow, and the effects go a long way into shared spaces as well, gyms, theaters for example.

While retailers may see reduced walk-in traffic, online business model will be part of the future anyway, recent incident is just helping to embrace it sooner. If you are a business owner looking to start online somewhere, then read on! For those who are already using our systems, this will certainly help to maintain your business and expand further.

online store

The Most Functional Online Store

It is the only online store that links to Flexilite system, so it works with our POS, Operations, Warehouse, Management and Accounting altogether, and become THE BEST PART of complete business solutions.

IT knowledge

Minimal IT Knowledge Needed

  • For new users, just a basic computer is needed, and we will setup your chosen package, then guide you from A to Z.
  • For our existing customers, we link the package with your Flexilite and the rest is automatic!

Easy-to-build Product Catalog

  • Create product with just a few clicks, drag-n-drop makes adding photos so much easier.
  • Arrange products in the most meaningful way, you can even put a product to appear in multiple related categories.
  • Current Flexilite users can just upload all existing products from system and start business immediately!

Know Your Customers

  • Unlike other places, when customers register, their information belongs to you! Keep their personal data, check their buying trend, find out top spenders, improve relationships, and even send them promotion sms via Flexilite membership feature.
  • For better shopping experience, the shop detects customer type and automatically adjusts product catalog, so a normal customer sees relevant retail products and pricing, where agents or resellers will see more from wholesale categories. It can even hide unavailable products by customer region.
orders and delivery

Simple Orders And Delivery

  • Putting products into basket and checkout is easy and simple, neighborhood customers can choose for self-collection, or pay online and have items delivered.
  • All orders are automatically downloaded into system and owner will receive alerts, there is no need for traditional way of checking a long list of WhatsApp or Facebook messages.
business reports

Important Business Reports

Taking advantage of powerful Flexilite system, you get all the important reports easily:

  • Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly sales trend analysis
  • Holiday season performance
  • Sales performance by each product
  • List of top selling products
  • List of top spending customers
  • Inventory status and restock list
low investment cost

Low Investment Cost

  • We understand the current financial burden from most businesses, there is no need for huge startup cost, only affordable monthly fees.
  • This is your own online shop, so nobody will take commission from your sales, they are all yours!