Our Dream and Vision

Our Initial Dream

It is not technology that changed the world, but the dreams behind technology do.

15 years ago, our founders had the vision to bring retail management software to the masses, and use built-in analytical reports and features to help smaller businesses grow. We knew it will be beneficial to both business owners and us, because a lot of wisdom as well as experiences are being shared and collected in the consultation and feedback process.


The Data Economy

We strongly believe Data Economy is the future, and by combining retail POS, e-commerce, business intelligence and the features support for mall management system, the result is a collection of highly valuable big data. This provides more meaningful insights to support business expansion for many small and medium businesses.


Embrace O2O Business Model

Some of the best business advices we received not only inspires us to empower more people on business opportunities, culture and values, but also led us to further enhance and innovate our Flexilite retail management software. Our latest integration with CCTV and Online Store launched one of the most significant changes since we introduced the original POS.


Modern Software Design

To realize our vision in helping people to grow businesses, the software have to be dynamic and up to current standards. In year 2014, we has taken the time to do deep re-engineering for flexibility and performance, more than just new version and looks.

This effort will continue and we are ambitious to integrate advanced technologies including Biometrics Authentication, Mobile Wallets, Self-checkout, e-Commerce and even Machine Learning system. We strongly believe the passion will not only prepare retail industry for the future, it will also give us a profitable business model with commitment to market superior quality retail software as a product.


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