Recovery Time matters

Since last decade, IT has been the center of almost all business operations. Every functional area of business has come to rely in whole or in part on IT infrastructure. All vital business components such as data storage and analytics will not run without the technologies and infrastructures which they rely on.

This critical role in business leads to focus on recovery planning, and it comes in different scales for different companies. Both large and small businesses cannot afford to have prolonged downtime to directly impact customer service and satisfaction levels.

The overall planning includes both Disaster Recovery as well as Business Continuity. Disaster recovery is about getting IT infrastructures back into functional state. And business continuity means users being able to access system data or information required for various purposes at work.


Since we at Flexsoft deals with a lot of retailers, it is utmost important that our POS is able to quickly respond to any inevitable system outage. Our system has been enforcing automated backups regularly so that in the moment of computer failures. The system can be restored within minutes, whenever spare units and data backups are available.

This is a factor where its importance is yet to be aware by many POS buyers, and for business owners to take backups and recovery times seriously.

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