Retail Point of Sales

Retail Point of Sales

POS is the centre of any retail business outlet, not only it controls and ensures smooth operations, the system automation also allows the front line people to work more efficiently, with less time spent behind counters and better service to customers.



Made for multiple industries ranging from retail, restaurants, services and more, our cashiering solution accepts different kinds of payments, such as cashless transactions, so customers can pay the way they want. The automated cashiering system intelligently calculates the price of items on discounts or scheduled promotions for both standard customers and members. In addition to its automation perks, the price checker system provides insight into the inquiry and sales conversion rates. You can ensure correct handling and effective loss prevention with strict and systematic control of all cash flow processes. Apart from that, an OMO integration allows your outlets to adapt to the new retail business model alongside a pre-order-and-collection feature. Take advantage of the integrated employee attendance system with fingerprint recognition technology that helps to record accurate and reliable attendance.


With the membership module and a recognized CRM system integrated into our POS solution, customers can sign-up as new members instantly at the counter. You can explore customers’ insights and track and trace their history data all in one place. Increase customer engagement with the help of auto points rewarding while purchasing and grants redemption of cash value vouchers. This loyalty program system allows you to turn every customer into a regular and return for more rewards. Furthermore, thanks to our flexible pricing options, you can break them into different segmentations with different privileges. And with that, loyal customers are able to enjoy special prices, member-only discounts, and promotions.

Inventory management

Our cloud-based system allows business owners to keep track of inventory updates on-the-go. It provides real-time inventory synchronisation across platforms to ensure accurate stock check-ups. This smart inventory management system is customizable according to your needs. Moreover, the inventory management feature allows you to undergo a full cycle of internal stock distribution, including stock requests, transfers, purchases and billing. With a built-in AI-driven stock reordering system, you can look into historical data, provide suggestive ordering and documents to suppliers, automate routine replenishment tasks, and prevent stock-outs or over-selling.

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