The right software cares about your family

Being the right software for growing everyone\’s small business, is a tall order and has always been our vision. Building a profitable business that works without owner working full-time requires correct business model. More importantly, a retail management software that does the right thing so owners can focus on important things in life – family.


Traditionally, retailers spend time in business all day with little or no family time to spare. The meaningful approach to ease retailers burden is to empower them to work smart and save time, so that users do not have to do all the important things by themselves. This includes data entry, calculations, analysis and even decisions.

Typical retail software such as POS system are able to function as cashiers and churn out sales reports, stock balances and a few more. These reports contain raw numbers and, requires owner analysis to turn numbers into meaningful pictures in mind. We think these time-consuming and challenging processes can be further reduced, hence various time savings from here contributes to finish doing things faster.

Our idea to assist in analysis, automation as well as suggestive actions, is to integrate tools and reports that tells what are current results (sales and profits), what are the plans (promotion or ordering), and how to take action (automation). The result is a software with combined features of POS, Inventory, Mobile Reports, CCTV, Accounting and e-Commerce.

Besides from time saving and finishing work sooner, it helps greatly when owners can monitor business remotely, and even manage them thru internet while staying comfortably with kids at home, made possible by reports on mobile or by converting their business online.