Finance & Accounts

Since this is an integrated system, there is no need to export or import data between POS and accounting, all sales related data is seamlessly and accurately recorded into financial section.

Why you need Retail System with built-in Accounting

Users in this department will save a lot of time and benefit from many centralized and automated processes, such as:

    1. Consolidated collection reports of cash, cards and e-wallets, the easiest way to reconcile
    2. Consolidated staff attendance and working hour reports, no need to download manually
    3. Related documents converted from other departments including Invoices, Credit Notes, Debit Notes, eliminates redundant paperwork
    4. Most importantly, no manual works of data export and import required

This system handles all standard accounting works, which includes GST, SST, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, and Balance Sheet too.




From Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Delivery Order and up to Tax Invoice. All common credit sales documents are linked, therefore only one-time data entry is needed. Accounting entries will be generated automatically with each consecutive issued billing, this process allows users to track payments and produce statements with ease.


Accounts Receivable

Review customer ageing, outstanding status, and generate statements here. When receiving credit payment, use the Receipt section to enter and knock off invoices, while Credit Note will process discounts or refunds. Other payment receiving are also recordable such as rental collection, incentives etc.


Accounts Payable

All supplier invoices posted using Goods Received in inventory section, generates entry here for payments later. This automatic process makes knocking off and matching payments easy and accurate. Users can also pay for other expenses using Cash Payment feature. There is also Ageing section to review the balance due for all suppliers or creditors.


General Ledger

This section contains all the standard features of most accounting software, including Chart of Accounts, Journal, GST Processing, Bad Debts Relief & Recovery, Bank Reconciliation, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet.